Sunday, December 6, 2009

Off I Go...

I was getting used to the stares. White faces were still a bit of a novelty and it wasn’t unusual for me to meet eyes and smile awkwardly as I walked through street markets and squares. But that particular afternoon was different. I found myself deeply aware of a divine transaction taking place in each glance and every smile being exchanged. It was more than politeness or pleasantries. My smile brought life, light, hope. I was a walking, breathing, tangible expression of God’s love to these people, and even in the seemingly casual and insignificant, something miraculous was transpiring.
I have never felt more like Jesus in my entire life
When Christ came and walked this earth, mankind came face to face with the love of God for the very first time. He walked the streets, He looked in their eyes, He smiled, He healed their sickness, He brought truth and hope and life to a people parched for Living Water. And in the nation of China, where the Gospel has been withheld for decades, the people are thirsty.

Dear Friends & Family,

As many of you know, I spent about three weeks in China this summer. I had the privilege of working with the Qingdao (Ching-dow) Church teaching English and preaching every afternoon & evening. It was an incredible time, and several days into the trip I began to sense a pull in my heart. Experiences like the one above caused me to wonder whether God might be asking me to return someday.

Upon returning home, I processed and prayed about going back, and the question that kept coming back to me was this: “Why wouldn’t I go?” I had walked the ripe harvest field Jesus talks about in John 4:35. I had seen the fruit first hand, and it’s ready to pick! People are just waiting for the opportunity to say “yes” to Jesus. I can give them the opportunity.

So, with the support of my family, friends and church, I am moving to Qingdao, China NEXT month. I’ll be going as an English teacher, but I will really be a secret agent for Jesus. Some of my objectives include:

• Building relationships with students & faculty, and their families, in order to share God’s love
• Leading an English Bible study for the Qingdao Church to help equip Chinese Believers
• Strategically praying and preparing the way for God to move in miraculous ways in Qingdao

I want to invite you to join me in my mission. You don’t have to move to Qingdao in order to make an impact (although I’d love the company)! There are two ways you can serve as co-operatives with me:

First, you can pray! Praying for the people, the city, and for me, is the most important & effective way you can partner with me in this assignment.

some specifics:
that I find a job
that relationships form quickly
that hearts are open
for protection & provision

Second, you can give! I will be working while I’m there, but I anticipate additional financial needs that will surpass my monthly income.

the specifics:
one time or regular tax deductible gifts
can be given through New Life Church*
6830 Highland Drive • Everett, WA 98203
*earmark gifts in my name on a separate note

Thank you so much for your friendship, support, prayers, and love. I am humbled that I would be chosen for this assignment, but go confidently, knowing that I am covered and cared for by so many at home. I fly out January 11 and will be sure to keep everyone updated on life & ministry in Qingdao!