Friday, June 12, 2009

China Beach

No. I'm not talking about the awesome 80's TV show.

I'm talking about an actual Chinese beach. Qingdao, to be more specific.

This is where I will spend 12 days interacting in a cultural exchange with 200 Chinese university students. I will teach them American things like hopscotch and coin collecting. I promise to do my best to represent our country well. 

More importantly, this exchange provides an incredible platform for sharing Jesus. While we can't openly preach the Gospel, we can answer questions. And questions they will ask. One of the most frequented topics at these events is the question of God. I so look forward to having conversations and sharing the love of Jesus with these wonderful people.

I also recently discovered (long after signing up for said trip) that we were traveling to a Chinese paradise. Luscious beaches, hot springs, tropical weather, ocean breezes... I didn't know!! I like to think that it's God's graduation gift to me. How fun to get to serve Him in so beautiful and luxurious a place! AND after our time in paradise, we travel to Beijing to enjoy all of the historic sites for four days! God spoils us when we serve Him. I love it. 

My mom also spoils me. Today the UPS man brought to me this most adorable little purple camera, which I will use to capture the white sand beaches, beautiful faces and historic landmarks of China. This camera is SO cool. It has a touch screen, 10 mega pixels... ultra fancy. And it's purple. I heart it. And my mommy. :)

I get back on July 1. I will be sure to provide a thorough update of all my adventures! Pray for me... pray for health (they are quarantining people who have even the tiniest hint of swine flu-y symptoms), cohesiveness within our little team of five, safety, fruit - fruit - fruit, wisdom, confidence & boldness, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading, and anything else that comes to mind. 

Well, I should probably go pack now. It' 8:44PM and I leave my house tomorrow morning at 7:15... haven't packed at all. It's how I roll. Shoot. See you in July!! 


  1. Yay for Jaime the adventurer and the good gifts that God gives us! I'm praying for sure!

  2. First of all, I love it when you reference my favorite TV Shows.

    Secondly, I am so excited for all you are getting to do in China! (like visit beaches)

    And lastly, your new camera is delightful. You will take many lovely and foreign pictures with it. Sometimes when I am riding along on a Cambodian bus to Siem Reap I look through the pictures of us on my iPod and smile. It brings me great joy :) And in less than 10 (!!) weeks from now we will be able to take new pictures!!!!

    The joy is too great. I can't type any longer.

  3. I need a new blog entry. Nay, I demand one!