Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Digs

I’d like to begin by apologizing for leaving you in such suspense.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting, hoping and expecting each day these last two weeks or so to find another update from me that captures the shiny wonder of my new apartment. I will do my best to never fail you in this way again.

Please find below a link to (maybe overly) detailed footage of my new digs. I tried to muster all of my cinematic skills for this shoot. You should feel nauseous. It will enhance the experience.


Oh, and you’ll notice that I now have a housemate! I invited my coworker, Kelsey, to come and stay with me for her last two months in China. She is from Michigan and has been in Qingdao since August. Her living arrangements were less than stellar, so I thought she might enjoy living it up with me for her last bit of time here. She is lovely and fun. She likes chocolate, she watches The Office AND she’s already watched the entire second season of Full House on DVD since living with me.

Did I make a good choice? You got it dude!

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